Stadium Stomp Adelaide Oval 2019

Sunday  16 June  2019  8:00 AM    Sunday  16 June  2019 11:00 AM
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Last update 17/06/2019

The ultimate stair climb returns to Adelaide Oval on Sunday 16 June! Tickets now on sale!
Climb your way up, down and around the grandstands thousands of stairs in this fun and unique fitness challenge.  There will be rest stops (pick a seat!), drink stations and music playing to keep you focused and pumped.

Get ready Adelaide! If you’re looking to step up your fitness, have fun and try something new, take on Stadium Stomp in 2019. It's thousands of stairs of leg-burning fun!
Event categories:
Full Course (6000 stairs, 12 yrs+)
Short Course (1000 stairs, 12 yrs+)
Junior Stomp (1000 stairs, 5-11yrs)
Stomp Unlimited (unlimited stairs, 12 yrs+)

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Adelaide Oval
5006, South Australia, Australia
Adelaide Oval
5006, South Australia, Australia
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