Three Meditation Practices To Enhance Your Life Experience

Saturday  29 June  2019  1:00 PM    Saturday  29 June  2019 2:30 PM
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Last update 20/05/2019

The more you know yourself— the wiser you will be and the more magnificent your life experience becomes.
In this session, you will be taught a series of 3 meditational Vedic practices taught by Swami that will set you on the path to self-discovery.
You will be given the tools necessary to implement these meditations into your daily life, which will ultimately enhance your life experience to a level you hadn’t thought imaginable.
About Swami Govindananda (Swamiji)
Swamiji visits yoga centres around the world to present programs especially tailored for yoga students. He illuminates the wisdom that lies at the heart of yoga and gives inspirational insights into the significance of human life. He is widely known for his depth of knowledge, his gentle, humorous nature and his ability to inspire in others the quest for genuine spiritual living. Though a westerner (he lives in Sydney, Australia), Swamiji has spent many years in India learning personally from one of the country’s historically accepted great Masters. With this blend of cultures, Swamiji brings extraordinary clarity to the complex and timeless philosophies of India, making this knowledge easy to understand in a way that is rarely seen in the west.
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