Fast, Easy and Healthy with Essential Oils

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Saturday, 23rd March, 2019

Stratford Community Hall, Stratford, Cairns

Join Allison Summers and Elizabeth Elenor for a unique day exploring all things oils!
We already know how incredibly potent these oils are so let's take it to the next level:
- practical daily uses for our fast-paced lifestyles
- the 5 minute face - make-up that is actually good for the skin and will bring out your natural beauty (Allison has studied and worked in Hollywood so has a good understanding of how to apply for all situations).
- healthy food - easy to make and a little out of the ordinary - yummier than you could imagine with the sensational zing of essential oils - hands on learning - Cashew Cheese, Rhubard & Apple fruit crumble, and Fennel Salad (Allison's secret recipe...and yes.. it tastes amazing!).

- using the oils to create and maintain a more balanced lifestyle
- how easy it is to keep your friends and loved ones healthy with oils

- we have an oil for that! - oily rituals for stressful situations 

You will be immersed in the magical world of essential oils…..and will float out with a smile.
- Fast, Easy & Healthy with Essential Oils: 9am - 10am
Essential oils and plant extracts/tonics have been around for centuries and yet they are only now taking their rightful place in the limelight. As with most things, many companies are claiming to have the best so how can you tell which ones to use?
Revolutionise your health by embracing a plant based life and kick toxic chemicals out of your home!
Practical, everyday use of essential oils and how to make the switch
How do you use them to their full potential?
Why are Young Living known as the World Leaders in Essential Oils?
Have a chance to smell, play and ask questions
- Using Essential Oils to Support a Balanced Life: 10am - 11am
As a balance and resilience coach, Allison uses her oils to maintain a healthy balance in her life, and she teaches her clients how to do the same. These gorgeous, aromatic powerhouses are potent enough to invoke an immediate change to the subtle energies of the body.
Learn why balance is critical to leading a sustainable healthy life
Learn about the four core quadrants of balance
Reflect on where you may currently need some support
Explore how 4 very important essential oils can help support your balance in these key areas

Healthy Treats: 11.15-12.15pm
Healthy treats CAN be easy to make and easily infused with oils once you have the COURAGE to do so.
Learn which culinary oils Allison and Elizabeth use the most and how they use them to spice up their kitchen
Learn the best technique for using these culinary oils in your cooking and some tips to ensure you are using the right amount of essential oil for the perfect, balanced flavour
Step into the next level of health by making some delicious and healthy food….We will make cashew cheese (try it with some crackers), rhubard & apple fruit crumble and fennel salad.  Enough for a small 3 course meal... hands on so you can experience making it at home!!

See how easy it is to add your favourite oils to recipes for a big taste sensation

12.30pm – 1.15pm Lunch
Savvy Beauty Tips and More! 1.15-2.15pm
Allison has some fantastic experience in this area, having worked in Hollywood as a Special Effects Makeup Artist and also with some leading cosmetics companies. She will review what makes Savvy different to many other brands of make up and why Savvy is the absolute best quality natural make-up you will find on the market today…and why that’s important. You will watch a 5 minute make over and get the chance to be color matched on the day as well as hear her quick and easy tips.
We have an oil for that!: 2:15 – 3:15pm
No matter how tuned in we are, life can sometimes get the better of us. It can leave us feeling STUCK, CONFUSED, SAD, ANGRY, STRESSED, APATHETIC... Luckily we have the energetic magic of these pure unadulterated oils that can work to shift our emotional state almost immediately! Come along to learn some oils and techniques that will help you move through life's little hassles.

How to have your cake and eat it too!: 3:15 – 4pm
How magical would it be to get your oils and products for free, or to earn some extra income on the side through helping others?
Elizabeth Elenor will share her story from hard working Massage Therapist to Leader with Young Living and how this gave her the opportunity to move to Sydney just when her family needed her the most!
Learn some ways to connect with others and share your passion for the oils and products
Learn some tips for sharing authentically
Learn how to get your favourite oils for free

**RAFFLE PRIZE** Energy Balance Oils Prize Pack valued at approx. $230 - every attendee receives a free ticket into the draw to receive this special kit.

Members Only - Register by 28th Febuary, bring a non-member guest with you and receive 2 extra tickets into the raffle. 
Date: Saturday, 23rd March, 2019
9am – 10am: Fast, Easy and Healthy – Young Living Essential oils
10am – 11am: Using Essential Oils to create a Balanced Life
11:15am – 12:15pm: Healthy Treats - small 3 course meal
Lunch break: 12.30pm – 1:15pm
1:15pm – 2:15pm: Savvy Minerals by Young Living – A treatment for the skin
2:15pm – 3:15pm: We have an Oil for that!
3:15pm – 4pm: Have your Cake and Eat it too!
4:30: Closing
Stratford Community Hall, Stratford, Cairns
Members - $59  
Non Members - $29
Includes healthy mini 3 course meal, Savvy mineral skintone matching, personal balance assessment
Class sizes are limited to 40 attendees. Please book early to reserve your seat.

**RAFFLE PRIZE** Energy Balance Oils Prize Pack valued at approx. $230 - every attendee receives a free ticket into the draw to receive this special kit.
Members Only - Register by 28th Febuary, bring a non-member guest with you and receive 2 extra tickets into the raffle.
Terms & Condition:
Once paid, your attendance fee is non-refundable.
Please gift your ticket to a lucky friend if you are unable to attend, and advise us of the change of names on the booking.
Classes open to age 16 and above. If a child under 16 is wanting to attend, this needs to be checked with the organizer first.
About the organisers -
Allison Summers has had over two decades of experience in the corporate sector as a coach and facilitator and has a real passion for wellness, resilience, and finding balance in our lives as a means to health and longevity. In her former years she also studied and worked in Hollywood doing beauty and special effects makeup and absolutely loves the results of the new Savvy mineral range on the skin. Currently she and her husband (a Kinesiologist) work together to help clients make significant lifestyle changes, and Young Living products often feature hugely.
Elizabeth Elenor has been an Energetic Healer and Massage Therapist for 20 years. Through her own journey of self-discovery, she has incorporated essential oils and natural products into her life as a way of creating a higher vibrational frequency and more balance in her life. She now teaches around Australia on the ease of natural living and our energetic field.

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