Consultative sales

Friday  19 July  2019  9:15 AM    Friday  19 July  2019 12:30 PM
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Last update 20/07/2019

Brisbane workshop, 19 July / 9.15am-12.30pm

Need to learn how to sell like a professional?

Consultative sales is a selling method in which the salesperson spends time with the customer to understand the problem the customer is trying to solve and then recommends a solution that will specifically address that problem.

Whilst all sales challenges are different, we have developed a consultative sales model that will help just about anyone, but specifically those working in a professional, consultative or service-based market. In a packed morning, we'll be discussing:

  • the sales mindset,
  • rapport,
  • trust,
  • qualifying,
  • understanding needs and prioritising value criteria,
  • questioning frameworks,
  • listening,
  • closing,
  • confident pricing.

This workshop is appropriate for both the new and the experienced but is particularly recommended for those new to sales responsibilities or who are uncomfortable with parts of their sales role. By the end of the workshop, you will walk away with tools and strategies but more importantly the confidence to convert more opportunities

Register now, or contact CX Training on 0404 266174 for more information

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Brisbane, QLD, Australia
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