Adelaide Juggling Convention

Thursday  25 April  2019  12:00 PM    Sunday  28 April  2019 6:00 PM
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Last update 29/04/2019

Meet and learn from Australia’s première jugglers and manipulators in a 4 day event. Offering workshops from Juggling to Unicycling and Hoops to Fire Spinning.   

There are 3 nights of shows including the Juggling Convention Gala Show on Friday night at the Tandanya Theatre. 

Multiple tickets available...

4 day pass, which includes everthing! All workshops, All Shows and All performances. 

2 Day Pass, for those who need some rest time. 

Single day tickets which inclueds all activities and shows on that day. 

Also you can just purchase tickets to the AJC Gala show at Tandanya theatre. 

4 day program in brief.... 

Thursday 1pm-8pm has all our beginner workshops, for those who want to have a go at learning to juggle, unicycle or hula hoop for the first time. Plus workshops for more advance circus people. With a Fire Spinning Show in the evening. 

Friday 9:30am- 10pm: has a mix of intermediate and advanced workshops. Plus a wicked Gala show with the best jugglers and spinners in the buisness at the Tandanya Theatre at 8pm from all our Guest Performers.

Saturday: 9:30- Midnight: come and learn from all the Guest Performers that you saw in the Gala show the night before and get some proffessional development into your circus work. Have a go at getting internatinoally ranked in the juggling fight night! Watch and or participate in the Renegade show that is open to everyone to perform anything they like, from tricks, jokes, Shakespeare.... anything goes. 

Sunday: 9:30am-5pm: Workshops and Juggling Olympics! Particpate in hula combat or who can balance a club on their nose the longest.. today jugglers go for Gold and glory! In the most strangest Olympics you have ever seen. 

Accommodation Not Provided.

Further Questions? Contact us at... 

Let's have some fun!

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